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ETFE foils production for applications in Architecture and Building Industry

The main advantages of this exceptional material: lightweight, flame retardant, transparency, self-cleaning, long lasting service life with many other features (mainly derived from the architectural design).

Ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene, better known by its acronym ETFE, offers designers a remarkable opportunity to develop solutions that integrate modern lightness, durability, design and ecological values.

The main advantages of using ETFE films

It 's a chemically inert material: it means  that is insensitive to chemical agents combining  surface tension and resistance to environmental pollution. The advantage of self-cleaning properties is therefore clear: the exposed surfaces to weathering do not require cleaning, sufficing just  the rain.

The excellent light transmission properties (> 92%) and the very low weight compared to glass (about 1%),  allow to create light and elegant structures. In addition, when using pressurised pillows, it’s possible to achieve control of both sunlight transmission  and  effective insulation through the air inflated.

ETFE coverings offer also excellent acoustic properties, as the material does not cause annoying echoes indoor.

The material is approved fire resistant Class 1 in Italy and B1 in Germany according to DIN 4102: extremely natural safe without any additives. Even when burning, the material shrinks, not spreading flames by falling fragments.

UV radiation does not degrade the material: this, combined with cited chemical inertness, guarantees extreme durability without loosing performance in conditions ranging from equatorial areas to higher latitudes, virtually from -190°C to +150°C!

An ETFE cladding system offers a flexible and lightweight alternative to traditional glass cladding which is sensitive to slight movements of the building's primary structure. ETFE, whether used as a single-layer membrane stretched between framework or as pneumatically prestressed cushions, has the ability to adapt to deformations of a structure.

It 's an environmental friendly material, because at the end of the service life it can be completely regenerated for new uses, even of the same type, at a cost definitely competitive than glass, avoiding to send it to landfill.

P.A.T.I. S.p.A. is able to collaborate with engineering firms, general contractors and developers providing ETFE films and membranes maximum 2000mm wide in standard thickness: 100, 150, 200, 250 microns. We deliver ETFE rolls in Italy, Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa... worldwide!

Our standard products:
Standard dimension of ETFE rolls for architectural applications


ETFE General characteristics

Some recent projects involving our ETFE membranes

More for Tensile Architecture and Building industry

P.A.T.I. ETFE films for tensostructures P.A.T.I. ETFE films for architecture

P.A.T.I. reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products without prior notice: the information herein reported are not binding and are subject to changes.

logo Dyneon P.A.T.I. relies on Dyneon ™ Fluoropolymers to grant the quality of its films and membranes.

Dyneon™ ETFE is made without using APFO (ammonium perfluorooctanoate), as a clear commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Voluntary PFOA Stewardship Program goals seven years ahead of time.

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